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bullet    REPAIR ~ We repair old and new brands of:
Bounty Hunter D-Tex Fisher Tesoro C&G Tech. Teknetics
Gold Mountain Whites Garrett A.H. Pros Compass and all other brands

  We have parts for most models and brands - even parts for many out-of-business metal detector manufacturers.

Just send us your Detector along with your name, address, and telephone number and email address and we will call you when it is repaired. Labor starts at $49.50 plus cost of parts and return shipping. If the problem gets too involved then labor goes up. Most repairs average $80.00 to $90.00, however, if the cost looks like it will run over $135.00, we will call you first! If we can not get in touch with you, we will go ahead and repair it anyway. So send as many phone numbers neccessary so we can contact you. Underwater detectors cost $135.00 to start on repairs and go up from there because of the extra time needed to watertight the detector. Upon receiving the detector we feel like you want it repaired and will do our best to repair it at that point. All repairs must be paid for within 15 days of repair date or they become the property of East Texas Metal Detectors.

When East Texas Metal Detectors services your detector, we completely go through the entire unit. We clean your controls, switches, calibrate, repair all loose connections and look for possible future problems you may have. We also field test the unit before sending the unit back to you...... all to help ensure that you might have trouble free detecting while looking for those treasures.

Payment Policy: We accept credit cards (Visa & M/C) for payment if over $50.00 and charge a 5% handling fee for accepting a credit card. We do not accept overseas credit cards or checks. We accept Money Orders or Cashier Checks and will ship your unit back to you the next one or two working days after receiving payment, as we do on credit card payments. We do accept Personal Checks, but hold shipping your unit for 10 working days for the check to clear.

We Are Not Responsible for damage done by shipper when returning your equipment and it is the responsibility of the customer (that's you) to open the package upon receiving it and checking out the unit to see if all repairs are satisfactory. We will not be responsible for problems with the unit if it was not opened and checked out until months later.


  We carry around 25 USED DETECTORS at a time, ranging in price from $90 up to $575. We have many different brands from Whites, Garrett, Tesoro, Teknetics and older units. Each used detector comes with a 90 day guaranty and an owners manual.

Sometimes you can buy a good used detector for half the cost of what it sold for new. We don't have a catalog or list of our used detector 'cuz we sell them pretty fast. The difference is that East Texas Metal Detectors will not sell a used or pre-owned detector without first disassembling it, cleaning all controls/switches/circuit boards, repairing possible future problems that we may see, calibrating and field testing the unit. We provide an owners manual with the unit (where possible) and give you a 90 day warranty. It would be extremely hard to find a better deal on a used detector. Give us a call today.

bullet    LOOPS

Over 3,000 new and used loops - for all brands of detectors.
Prices range from $ 25.00 and up.


The SHADOW X5 is a true "All Terrain Detector" (ATD) that is rugged and Top-Of-The-Line ~~ designed for those who demand and fully appreciate the merits of TOP END PERFORMANCE, superior quality, ultra-lightweight and total weatherproof packaging. The X5 is equipped with features for coinshooting, relic hunting, prospecting, competition hunting, beach hunting and cache hunting. It is specifically created for truly serious folks in search of extremely deep coins, jewelry & relics with the aid of superior discrimination. Prospectors are excited about the X5's features and its ultra sensitivity to tiny gold nuggets. For coinshooting it is equipped with both nickel and zinc penny "coin check" options. The X5 even does well on most saltwater beaches with its great sensitivity to gold jewelry. It features a short learning curve with Turn-On-And-Go operation and fingertip (on-the-fly) user options but requires NO cumbersome programming. It is powered by a single 9 volt battery and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. We have all the accessories in stock !! Give us a call today and order yours, or come by and see us.


FREQUENCY SHIFTER: Get the most of all the DEPTH and SENSITIVITY your detector has to offer. Uniquely designed, Jay's Frequency Control lets you seperate yourself from other detectorists. In compitions and while hunting with friends, this allows you to attain maximum depth and sensitivity while others search with reduced capabilities. We have them for Whites, Garrett and Tesoro. Retail is $49.95, but our SALE PRICE IS $45.00. CALL and order yours today.

SILENT SEARCH is simply a method by which you can turn off the detector's speaker and allow you the benefit of silent searching without using headphones. Plug Jay's SILENT SEARCH in the detector's headphone jack and every time your detector finds an acceptable target the ultra bright red LED flashes to announce the presence of a target. Nothing changes with your hunting except the audio is gone. An ideal accessory for those with hearing problems or the complete loss of hearing. Our price $7.95. Call and order yours today.


Price $4.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Write us today and tell us the model and brand you want a manual for. Include a check or money order and we will ship it right out to you.


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