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For 49 years, I, Keith Wills, have enjoyed many facets of treasure hunting. From diving on Spanish shipwrecks off the Florida coast to prospecting for silver nuggets in northern Canada. From metal detecting old western forts to artifact hunting in southern Mexico, my experiences have taken me to many points across the continent and allowed me to use many types of treasure hunting equipment. I enjoy passing those experiences on to other treasure hunters just like you. If you have any questions about detectors or hunting, just E-MAIL ME and I will try to answer them for you.

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I was an industrial electronic engineer for 15 years. In 1982 I started my own business as an electronic technician, repairing metal detectors. I had been metal detecting for 34 years prior and already had a good knowledge of metal detectors. Since that time I have acquired parts from many manufacturers now out of business, and this allows me to repair almost any brand.



As a technician I understand the theory and complete operation of metal detectors. Because of this, I teach seminars across the country on:
1. "Theory of Metal Detectors"
2. "Ghost Towns"
3. "Research"
4. "How to Get Permission"

just to name a few.

Watch for my new videos that will soon be on the market on these subjects.



I am also very involved in local, state and national treasure hunting organizations. I have held president's positions in most of them at one time or another. I have been presented many awards and appreciations over the years, but none so moving as my work with handicapped children in this state when I teach them how to use and enjoy metal detecting

I've spent uncountable hours and dollars fighting those that oppose our hobby of metal detecting. I help organize communications networks so as to stay on top of new and proposed laws that would affect the use of metal detectors. Much of my time is spent trying to encourage others to join the fight.



Just in the area I live in, I have found 8 buried gold coins, 9 hidden jars of money, and my most unusual find to date is a rare metallic meteorite appraised at $ 5,000.

With many published articles on treasure hunting, I've tried to help the treasure hunter improve their skills and finds. It would be an honor to help you.


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