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Since 1982 I have been a member of several treasure hunting and prospecting clubs, I think I'm a member of about 14 at this time. Also as a past officer of many of them and as a person very active in the pursuit of a better future for our hobbies, I have a hard time understanding why more clubs do not take an active row in their communities so to give our hobby more positive PR, especially with all those in our government that oppose us today. We truly need more good PR for our hobby, since we can't afford to advertise our fun sport on national TV, why not in local newspapers for our good deeds and special events the club sponsors? Is it that your membership is so self absorbed in only seeing what the club can do for them, like more raffles, door prizes and hunts each month to benefit themselves only? How much of your membership sits back and doesn't support your club in anyway, but are usually the first to complain if something is suggested that would use time of the club for something other than what they would not profit from? Is it any wonder that those that are fighting to keep our rights to enjoy this hobby can make a positive step forward, only to find out the government creates another restriction, or some hobbyist loots a historic site and sets all our efforts back three steps or more.

We will never win the battle unless every club decides that part of their reason for existence is to support the hobby in dedication instead of profit for membership. For in the long run, such positive activities in the clubs community will be a greater benefit for that club by increasing membership, more open areas to enjoy their hobby and building a better future for those that follow us in this hobby.

One example is the support of the Texas Lions Camp for Handicap Children in Kerrville, Texas, each year. The TEXAS COUNCIL OF TREASURE CLUBS visits the Camp to teach the children that there is an outdoor activity in which they can participate even with some of the physical challenges they face. Even if they are blind or deaf, they can enjoy the activity of metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Take a look at your local library that is always looking for special programs to educate more youth to use the library. Offer them a program on metal detecting where they can invite the youth. Show them some of your treasures you have found while enjoying the hobby. Set up a plastic swimming pool with sand, hide foreign coins and lend them a detector and let them learn first hand how to search for that treasure, find it and keep it. Such an event would be news-worthy for the local newspaper and great PR for the hobby and your club. This could possible result in an increase in your club membership, and it makes folks in the community aware that your club exists if they or a friend need help someday.

What about the next time you find a lost item for someone and return it? Requesting a little media news in the local paper instead of taking payment, builds great PR for the hobby. There are so many projects for clubs today. If they were accepted, that would improve good will among those that oppose us and help defeat the logic that much of our opposition has in accusing us of being looters. However, this will only work if most every club realizes the importance of such dedicated by the club and it's membership.

Please don't put this off, for we are already months behind where we should be as a club and as a dedicated ambassador to our hobby.

Keith Wills.

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